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{June 12, 2010}   Another awesome derby night

Well, mostly. My voice is shot and I’m completely worn out, so you know it was a good night. I’ll write more about tonight’s derby experience when I get a chance (and some of the other ones I haven’t written about yet).

All I can say right now is that we won by a score of 359-21, and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I understand that the outcome of an all-star game can affect the way teams are seeded in that year’s tournaments and so forth, but does the score itself have that same impact? And if not, why in the flyin’ hell did we need to run up the score and pound them by 338 points?

I will have much more later. Tracy’s coming over for dinner tomorrow night and I have much to do. 🙂


Jerry says:

Hmm. Who knew they actually kept score in roller derby?

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